„Everything started from my passion to decorate everything that went out of my way. Starting with my mother cakes, to the sports halls where school events were organized. Even for the most ordinary thing, my imagination always found a new look. All I wanted to do was make it all more beautiful.

11 years ago I started organizing events for the company I worked for and soon, because I always loved the flowers, I started making some kind of bouquets and ornaments to decorate the event halls. Then everything became like a drug for me and I could not get away with, it was in my veins. Every time I had other ideas, I worked with other flowers and every request from my clients was a challenge for me.

Feerie was born when I met my colleague, Denisa Marin – who loves the flowers, is cheerful, optimistic and perfectionist just like me. I think nothing is haphazard in life so, along with her, I knew I had to do something about it. I felt her like a partner from the beginning, I trusted her and together we started going to exhibitions and other profile events where we met many wonderful young people who trusted us and we organized them the most beautiful life event – the wedding.

I think the most beautiful thing is to see how a simple idea come to life and how you can transform a certain location into a land of fairy tale, and my motivation comes from the happiness of my clients and the wonderful testimonials I always receive from them.”  – Denisa Rogowski, Owner Feerie.


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